Career Coaching

Having clear short and long term goals that you can articulate and target your energy towards is the best way to ensure your career progresses in the right direction.

This is not as easy as it sounds. Through deep diving into your motivations, strengths, development areas, interests, experience and personality traits we help you find direction to plan your next career leap.

At the end of these sessions you will have:

  • A targeted career path and approach to making long-term decisions

  • A clear understanding of your 'brand' and how you can leverage this to your advantage

  • Confidence in your career choices of where to (and where not to) focus your energy and attention

Interview Training

Career Coaching sessions are 60 minute sessions either in-person or live online.

To request this service, please click the button below and leave your details.

Sessions time are flexible so as to not disrupt your working day. We will work around your schedule. so please contact us via the button below.

Cost: $149 per session