Interview Skills

Talking about yourself is uncomfortable, but a necessary part of getting the role. Bringing your experience to life in an engaging and relevant way is integral in making the right impression to your future leader.

We offer a one-on-one interview skills coaching session designed to give you the framework for conquering your interview nerves and clearly articulating your qualities.

We take the time to discuss your achievements and how you can express these most effectively in an interview environment.

Interviews are about connections. The connection of what you have done, and how you can benefit your new employer in the future. This session enables you to concentrate on what matters to employers to best position you for your next role.

At the end of the session you will have:

  • A full understanding of the interview process

  • A framework for answering any interview question

  • The ability to talk to specific examples that are tailored to your experience and aligned to your future employment aspirations

  • The knowledge, confidence and ability to incorporate further examples as your skills and experience improve over time

The Interview Skills session is a 90 minute session either in-person or live online.


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Sessions time are flexible so as to not disrupt your working day. We will work around your schedule. so please contact us via the button below.

Cost: $99